The Ladner Crosstown
Greenway Concept

This is a project created by two Ladner residents who are passionate about transportation. The inspiration for connecting Ladner came from our frustration for lack of safe cycling routes and an amazing opportunity for improvement because of the flat topography of Ladner. As Delta Secondary School grads, we were confused by the lack of transportation choices there were for students and wanted to explore the option of improving mobility. We'd love to hear your thoughts on making this concept a reality.

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Artist's Illustration

How the Greenway could look along the former railway right-of-way portion in East Ladner.

Delivering on the policies of the Official Plan

Page B1-6 of the East Ladner Area Plan outlines the creation of a recreation cycle and pedestrian route along the former railway right-of-way to the south of the community. This deliverable would be achieved with the proposed south alignment.

Proposed alignments

The proposed alignments for the Crosstown Greenway.


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